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Know this before traveling to DubaiVivian Etefia
Location The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country, consisting of emirates which are similar to states. Dubai is not Read more.

The valid means of identification needed for air travel in NigeriaVivian Etefia
Before you travel, you are going to need some basic documents which will be needed at some point during your Read more.

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Travel Accommodation Accommodation is a concern every traveller has. Planning and booking your accommodation in advance makes a trip less Read more.

How to make a budget for travel overseasVivian Etefia
Budget Traveling could require a sizeable amount of money. It entails on a budget ranging from five to six figures, Read more.

What you need to know about the new Nigerian international passportVivian Etefia
  The Nigerian Federal Government introduced a new international e-passport on January 15,2019. The Enhanced E-passport is a product of Read more.

What to do when traveling to a country you do not speak the languageVivian Etefia
Language The wold is a global village, restricting ourselves from traveling because of language differences will not take us far. Read more.

How to get the right travel information in NigeriaVivian Etefia
Travel is a long process that involves series of steps ranging from preparation of documents, all manner of check-ins & Read more.

4 things to do before planning a trip from NigeriaVivian Etefia
Pre-plan Travel begins with a desire. Travel begins with a vision. Travel begins with a passion for diversity and exploring Read more.

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