Countries with zero cases of the pandemic so far!

The incidence of the coronavirus was first recorded in Wuhan, China in December 31, 2019. Out of 195 countries in the world, the coronavirus has permeated into many countries of the world, and has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, more than 4.3 million people have been infected, and the global death toll is more than 290,00. More than 1 million patients have recovered.

At the moment, the country with the highest incidence is the United States ( 1,527,951) while the countries with the least numbers are Lesotho (1) & Saint Pierre (1).

Countries with no cases of infection

Despite the quick spread across international borders, there are few countries that are yet to report any cases of the coronavirus so far. These include:


*Marshall Islands



*North Korea



*Solomon Islands





What did they do differently?

It has been reported that most of these countries implemented strict policies for those coming in from overseas as early as from February. Those traveling from infected countries were not permitted or had to undergo quarantine, and anyone arriving into the country had to provide a medical certificate.

As the spread worsened, they closed down borders to foreigners and only allowed foreigners to leave who were traveling back on flights to their own countries.

*However, the true picture of the spread in North Korea remains unclear as they are one of the world’s most secretive and authoritarian countries in the world.
For Turkmenistan, it has been said that one of the reasons why the country have no confirmed cases may be due to lack of proper testing.*
Regardless of the above speculations, currently, there are 12 countries in the world with zero cases of the coronavirus.

It is important to note that the spread of the virus has been fast tracked through close contacts with infected persons as people move and interact.

While economic activities gradually resume, it is our responsibility to continue observing precautionary measures in a bid to flatten the curve in Nigeria.

  1. Observe social distancing.
  2. wash or sanitize hands regularly.
  3. Always move around with your personal protective equipment which include: Alcohol-based wipes, hand sanitizer, a pair of gloves & mask.
  4. ONLY travel when it is a matter of emergency.


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