The Lockdown Situation & Aviation, Nigeria.

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

Coronavirus is one viral disease that has brought the world to its knees. The outbreak of the pandemic covid-19 has disturbed political, social, economical and financial structures of the world thereby reducing global economic growth.

At its onset, the infection was underrated until it grew into a pandemic. The Coronavirus had spread across foreign borders like wild fire and countries had to adopt sweeping measures such as full lockdowns, shutting down airports, imposing movement and travel restrictions to contain the spread.

According to the World Health Organization, Nigeria is among the countries with the highest number of infection in Africa, ranking sixth position.
Nigeria closed its two main international airports in the cities of Lagos and Abuja as the number of coronavirus cases almost doubled. The shut down was from March 23 at 2300 to April 23, 2300.

In addition, the closure of Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano; Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu and Port Harcourt International Airports was also effective from march 21 at 2300.
Airports were closed to all incoming flights with the exception of essential flights which include cargo operations, movement of medical teams/ equipment & evacuation by countries that airlifted their citizens out of the Nigeria.

Essential flights are flights for emergency response and public health purposes (e.g, government officials or medical personnels entering into a country to handle COVID-19 or other emergencies)

Despite the complete lockdown of movement and all socio-economic activities, Nigeria still recorded a high incidence of the pandemic and the Federal Government further extended the ban of commercial flights by additional two weeks to May 7.

The suspension was extended for the third time to last for additional four weeks to June 6.

COVID-19 Prevention

As we await further updates from NCDC and instructions from the Federal Government of Nigeria, it is pertinent to stay safe by observing all precautionary measures although the lockdown is gradually being eased.

Prevention is better than cure

Observe social distancing. Always use your PPE when going outdoors. Sanitize or Wash hands regularly. Avoid crowds.

Be safe!

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