Who we are

Trip Guide is a travel management company designed to assist individuals and organizations plan and manage their trips.

Trip Guide manages a consumer-based website which has an independent travel content designed to help people optimize the use of various travel services in a bid to make memorable travel experiences.

It is an ideal reference for people who have limited access to adequate travel information.

Trip Guide is a local guide relatable and peculiar to the Nigerian environment. Please note that this guide may not apply in other climes.

What we do

Trip Guide is a one-stop hub for travels and holidays.

We cover flights within Nigeria, regional flights to neighboring African countries and international destinations extending from North & South America to Russia and Australia.

For holiday packages, we have a network of notable destination managers who design valuable and memorable holiday itineraries for people who seek exhilarating ways to replenish the body and soul.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a memorable travel experience via promptness, trustworthiness and timely customer service.

Our vision

To raise smart travelers through our travel guide.

Why us?

Top-notch Services. 

As a travel management company, we use online booking tools (Geographic Distribution Systems) which allows us to compare different itineraries and costs by displaying availability in real-time for our clients.

We also ensure that the existing travel components matches our client’s preference and budget.

We guide our clients through the pre-travel and post-travel phases; following up with calls, text and email messages. 

Our rates are competitive price and we ensure timely ticket delivery.

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Trip Guide

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