How to get cheap accommodation abroad

Travel Accommodation

Accommodation is a concern every traveller has. Planning and booking your accommodation in advance makes a trip less tedious and stress free. As earlier stated, travel begins with a clear plan which should include your proposed duration of stay. Do you have a sufficient budget to sustain you?

 Ensure you have enough money to cover your accommodation if your sponsor/host is not going to be responsible for it. If you plan to put up with a friend or relative, inform them of your upcoming trip and have a clear understanding of how they intend to assist you. Do not wait till the last minute or allow hasty decisions inconvenience others.

Mr Ben (real name withheld) landed at the airport in his destination.  He called his Uncle to inform him that he had arrived but his number was not available at the moment. He kept trying for hours but to no avail.  Night fell and he slept at the airport. In the morning, he eventually reached him but his Uncle said he was not in town and was going to be away for two weeks. You can imagine the rest of the story.

Types of accommodation


 In the context of traveling, Hostels are a type of accommodation for travellers and is usually best for youth groups. Shared accommodation implies that there will be, at the minimum, dormitory-type accommodation.

When a guest books a stay in a hostel, he or she is typically booking a bed space for the night, not a room. The guest’s bed may be in a room containing from four to twenty other travellers therefore it does not provide the privacy or personal service found at a hotel. It is quite suitable for group travels and is quite affordable


These provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. Hotel operations vary in size, function and customer service. The quality of the hotel and its services is usually marked by stars according to the five-star classification and their rooms are usually numbered or named to allow guest identify their rooms.

The general five star classification system for hotels is based on the following objective criteria, as well as satisfactory cleaning and maintenance.

  • One star: Low budget hotels
  • Two-star: Standard hotels – budget hotels
  • Three star: Middle class hotels – comfort hotels
  • Four star: First class hotels
  • Five star: Luxury hotels

Bed and breakfasts

These are smaller residences where you will interact with your host, often eating together and sharing common spaces.

It is ideal for travellers with long transit flight connections. A traveller gets a bed and a breakfast before they leave the next morning. The charges are usually reasonable as the host may have extra bedrooms in their home and decide to make a few bucks by receiving guests.

You can as well bargain with the host for an extension of stay if there is need to stay longer.


This is a do-it-yourself accommodation suitable for adventures, camping holidays or outdoor activities. You carry your shelter and your bedding in your bag pack or in your car. Generally you need to get permits either in advance or on arrival.  Always check whether you need a permit to camp, how much it costs and know their terms and conditions for better preparation.

Vacation rentals

 Many residents of popular tourist destinations lease their houses to vacationers. The residence may have been bought for this purpose or the normal occupants may vacate their homes during some parts of the year, deciding to use it for income generation. The guest will have full access to the residence but servicing or meals are excluded. This package is suitable for family or group travels. Contacting the owner directly is the best way to make arrangements as they can supply you with the necessary information you wish to know about the property.

Considering one’s preference of accommodation type and the associated cost, guides a traveller in budget planning. Once you decide on what lodging type you want, it is ideal to contact the facility’s host or property manager for further enquiries and inform them of your intended stay. Always be elaborate in details. Let them know if you will be carrying an infant or a pet along so they can prepare necessary facilities for your convenience.

With a mapped out plan for convenient accommodation, the trip becomes more enjoyable.

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