” Following the approval that flight operations recommence gradually at the nation’s airports effective July 8, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has released new procedural guidelines for air travelers and other airport users. The new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is aimed at protecting all stakeholders and preventing further spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Passengers must comply with the following guidelines;

  • All passengers MUST arrive the airport properly kitted with their FACE MASKS ON.
  • They MUST also ensure a minimum of one point five meters (1.5m) PHYSICAL DISTANCING.
  • Aviation Medical/Port Health personnel would screen each passenger and ensure the use of FACE MASKS.
  • Those travelling with pets MUST get necessary clearance from Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Services.
  • All passengers’ luggage WOULD be DISINFECTED before entry into the departure halls.
  • Passengers are required to WASH their HANDS as often as possible.
  • HAND SANITIZER would be provided for passengers before entrance, at the waiting halls/lounges and pre-boarding gates.
  • All footwear would be DISINFECTED/SANITIZED by FOOT MATS placed at all entrances to the terminal building, amongst others.

For arriving passengers, the following guidelines MUST be adhered to;

  • On disembarkation from the aircraft, passengers would observe PHYSICAL DISTANCING as they board the Co-Buses (Hand Sanitizer would be provided in the buses).
  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING protocols MUST be observed at the BAGGAGE claim area, where HAND SANITIZER is also provided.
  • DISINFECTED trolleys would be made available for passengers.
  • All Covid-19 protocols MUST be observed while undergoing CUSTOMS check.
  • Passengers would exit the halls and head straight to the car park for pick up, If you MUST speak to anyone around, please speak to a properly tagged Aviation Security (AVSEC) officer.
  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING would be maintained while waiting to be screened by personnel of PORT HEALTH SERVICES, amongst others.

In addition to the above guidelines, passengers are required to observe SOCIAL DISTANCING and make use of the FLOOR MARKINGS at the security screening area. They must also comply with all other security guidelines as laid down by officials of the Aviation Security (AVSEC) department.

We urge all our passengers and other stakeholders to respect and observe these necessary protocols, put in place for our protection.

Our success in achieving healthy and safe air travels is highly dependent on your cooperation in this regard.

FAAN….. Committed to her core values of Safety, Security and Comfort. “

~Culled: @faan_official

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Written by Vivian Etefia

From years of experience, i noticed most people have limited access to relatable basic travel information: the wheres, whys & hows of travel & hospitality.
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I am Vivian Etefia. A travel operator based in Lagos, Nigeria.