Future travel in Nigeria: Post-COVID19 measures

While airports will soon reopen, there would be strict enforcement of safety guidelines in line with standard international practice.

The Federal Airport Authority has hinted on reopening airports across the country for air travelers.
On May 26 2020, the General Manager, Corporate Affairs of FAAN, Mrs Henrietta Yakubu, while speaking at an aviation webinar said that arrangements have been put in place on passenger facilitation and what to expect ahead of resumption of flights.

The arrangements are as follows:

*Passengers should expect flight delays and long hours of checks and re-checks rights from when they arrive the airport and depart.

*Escorts of VIPs may no longer be allowed to follow their principals into the terminal and such principals would be subjected to all health checks.

To this end, passengers are expected to leave their home very early before their flights to go through the various checks before entering the terminal and after.

*Passengers should also expect that airlines would charge more in terms of airfare as the International Air Transport Association, said that there will be increase in fares.

Mrs Yakubu stated that COVID-19 had brought a lot of changes to air travel and to ensure the safety of passengers and airport users, the way of doing things before have to change.

*At ALL airports, she said social distancing would be 100%, temperature screening, wearing of face masks, disinfection of shoes and luggage of passengers would also be carried out 100% regardless of personalities.

*There will be floor markings indicating where each passenger will wait on the queue. Arriving passengers will also be subjected to temperature screening and physical distancing will be observed while waiting at the carousel to pick up luggage.

*Passengers are expected to arrive the airport with their face masks on.

These are the precautionary measures that will be observed to ensure passengers are safe and fit to travel.

Also, we strongly advise that you carry your Personal Protective Equipment at all times.

Stay safe!

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Written by Vivian Etefia

From years of experience, i noticed most people have limited access to relatable basic travel information: the wheres, whys & hows of travel & hospitality.
This blog seeks to address these issues. Let me inspire you into the world of travel.
I am Vivian Etefia. A travel operator based in Lagos, Nigeria.