How to get the right travel information in Nigeria

Travel is a long process that involves series of steps ranging from preparation of documents, all manner of check-ins & checkouts and the actual journey by means of transportation.

It can be very exhausting and time-consuming especially when passing through transit points with long flights connections!

People even spend up to three days connecting flights before arriving their final destination.

Indeed travel requires proper planning and preparation. It is not for the faint-hearted.

Considering the tedious processes and amount of money involved, it can be discouraging and that is why the reason for the journey is very important. There should be a clear aim of what one hopes to achieve at the end of a trip. When you arrive, what next??

To prepare for this sojourn, proper documentation is crucial as it increases the chances of getting a visa grant.

Without a visa, one’s plan of traveling is nothing but a dream except for few countries where travel is visa-free. Therefore it is vital to gather necessary supporting documents to get a travel visa.

Do you know that anyone can travel? But not everyone is eligible to?

Did you also know that your eligibility also depends on your ability to provide proper documentation?

Seek guidance

Some people say travel agents are exploitative; that they are scammers and you can even do it yourself.

 While this is true, there is a risk that you could get stuck on the way.

That some are scammers is not disputed, and besides, there are quacks and opportunists in every industry and it is not limited to travel only. Therefore it is imperative to do your findings and work with trusted and registered professionals to guide you through the process.

Please note that using the services of a travel personnel does not necessarily guarantee you a visa grant; rather it proper aligns you with a higher possibility of success.

It is the role of a travel agent to properly assess you, know your level of eligibility and give advice on whether and how to proceed with your plans.

The services of a travel agent is needed especially in these times where immigration laws change suddenly, as these professionals are usually the first to receive updates on changes in laws and policies pertaining to travel.

Make use of search engines

Research on the internet cannot be overemphasized.

Search engines have been designed to assist us surf and locate information needed for whatever course we venture upon.

People ask all manner of questions like; where can I migrate to? Where can I get a good job? Where can I get good value for my set of skills? Where can I visit for leisure? Where can I get business opportunities? Where can I go to for mission works? The use of search engines could make it easier to find answers.

Google is your friend! Spend some time with it and source for pertinent information. This way you make work easy for yourself and your travel agent.

Examples of searches include: Where is destination A located? What is the distance from home? What are the requirements needed? What is the processing time? How long am i permitted to stay? How much is required? The questions are potentially endless; ask questions that align with your purpose of travel.

This is the research that needs to be done before anything else. And of course, a good travel agent will guide you through this as well.

Having the most basic travel documents can take months or even years to acquire (for example a bank statement), and there is need to pre-plan everything from the scratch.

Now that you know, there is no time to waste! Start your travel plans today!

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Vivian Etefia

Written by Vivian Etefia

From years of experience, i noticed most people have limited access to relatable basic travel information: the wheres, whys & hows of travel & hospitality.
This blog seeks to address these issues. Let me inspire you into the world of travel.
I am Vivian Etefia. A travel operator based in Lagos, Nigeria.