4 things to consider before planning a trip from Nigeria


Travel begins with a desire. Travel begins with a vision. Travel begins with a passion for diversity and exploring cultures.

 Travel begins with clarity of purpose.

You must be able to answer the following questions comprehensively

  1. Why should I travel?
  2. Where should I travel to?
  3. What is my duration of stay?
  4. What is my proposed budget?
  1. Why should i travel?

This is the most important question to consider before traveling.

Typical responses are: ‘I just want a change of environment’ & ‘ I want greener pastures’. These are vague responses i must say! What are the strategies put in place to achieve these?

 What is the genuine intention? Do you want to imbibe a new culture? Are there peculiar stories or site attractions you wish to explore? Do you seek business or educational opportunities? Do you desire to work abroad or relocate permanently?

Whatever the reasons, ensure they are positive and workable.

  • Where should i travel to?

Now, this is the next hurdle to jump. This is where the research begins.

Which destination aligns with my purpose of travel? How far is it from home? What are their norms and traditions? What are the risk factors (environmental/natural hazards)? Is there a language barrier? What is their lifestyle? How well can you adapt?

  • What is my duration of stay?

What is the estimated timeline to achieve my goal(s)?

This automatically decides what type of travel documents will be involved and its validity. Be it two-weeks, six-months, a year stay or as the case maybe.

  • What is my proposed budget?

Money is everything! You wouldn’t want to go to a new environment and get stranded. Would you?

Your financial standing depicts the strength of your purchasing power and the level of ease and comfort you will get.

What is the estimated cost of living per day? What is the value of their currency? What kind of accommodation, means of transportation and diet suits your budget? How much can sustain you throughout your stay or till you are able to get a job depending on your purpose of travel?

Let this be very feasible in order to avoid bottlenecks.

To be at a better advantage, it is advised to also seek first-hand information from persons who have been there or currently live in your destination of choice.

Experience is a great teacher.

Nothing beats firsts-hand information!

  In all, the key to successful travel is adequate information, strategic planning and execution. 

 Let this basic questions take the lead in your travel quest.

Having put these questions into careful consideration, you can begin the travel process.

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Vivian Etefia

Written by Vivian Etefia

From years of experience, i noticed most people have limited access to relatable basic travel information: the wheres, whys & hows of travel & hospitality.
This blog seeks to address these issues. Let me inspire you into the world of travel.
I am Vivian Etefia. A travel operator based in Lagos, Nigeria.