What you need to know about the new Nigerian international passport


The Nigerian Federal Government introduced a new international e-passport on January 15,2019.

The Enhanced E-passport is a product of intensive review of the existing passport booklet which has been in circulation for over 10 years and has only 5-year validity.

According to Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), registration and the issuance of new international passport would cost Nigerians N70,000.

Features of the Enhanced Passport

  • Strictly online payment based.
  • Introduction of Electronic Document Management System that will ensure:
    • Tracking of application,
    • Effective communication with applicants on status of the application, and collection,
    • Eliminate human interference,
    • Enhances document storage system,
    • Enhances prompt decision making,
    • Ease process flow,
  • Provision of conducive processing environment for applicants;
  • Provision of effective and compliant address mechanism

 Benefits of the Enhanced passport


Unlike the older ones, which lasted for only five years, this one will be valid for 10 years.


The Nigerian Immigration Service has said that this new passport is “weather friendly” as it has polycarbonate technology that leaves no room for damage.

This is aspect is important to consider especially for Nigerians who travel frequently. Passports will no longer look rough and worn out!

Saves Times

With  its period of 10-year validity, Nigerians whether at home or in the diaspora will have to visit the Nigerian Embassies less frequently for passport renewal.

Does not replace the other passport

This is according to a statement by the Nigeria Immigration Service that the existing passport booklet will run concurrently with the new enhanced passport booklet until the former expires.


The new passport, which contains 64 pages, costs N70,000. There are cheaper options but these do not have 10-year validity period. 

The new standard passport with 32 pages and a five-year validity period, costs N25,000. There is also a 64 page passport with a 5-year validity period which costs N35,000.

These gives Nigerians more options to choose from based on preference and convenience.

Requirements for passport application.

  • Two Passport photograph
  • NIN Number (National Identification Number)
  • State of Origin Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (Where applicable)
  • Birth certificate

Please note that applicants are required to appear at the passport office chosen during online application for photograph and biometric data capturing. For more details visit https://portal.immigration.gov.ng

**Culled from  https://portal.immigration.gov.ng 

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