What you should know about living in U.A.E

UAE is open to immigrants. This is one place you can migrate to legally without much hassle.
Make the most of this opportunity while it is still easy to access.
Are you ready to leave this country for your village people? If yes then the 3-month UAE is ideal for you.

* Bio data of international passport
* Passport photograph

Visa Processing time : 2-4days

Processing Cost : N850,000; This is a full package which covers visas, flights, accommodation & recruitment fee.

How it works: Upon arrival, you’ll be assisted by the recruitment agency to source for job. Then the employer is responsible for processing your work permit.

* Our partner is over there to guide you through the process.
* To stay legally, job must be secured before visa expires.

For further enquiries, send a dm📩

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Vivian Etefia

Written by Vivian Etefia

From years of experience, i noticed most people have limited access to relatable basic travel information: the wheres, whys & hows of travel & hospitality.
This blog seeks to address these issues. Let me inspire you into the world of travel.
I am Vivian Etefia. A travel operator based in Lagos, Nigeria.